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Published: April 11, 2023

Battle of the Steam Cleaners: Who Comes Out on Top Part 1

Battle of the Steam Cleaners: Who Comes Out on Top Part 1

Steam Cleaners we tested

High-Pressure Steam Cleaner, Portable
1700W Handheld High Temp Cleaning
Vs The
Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner 39N7V

First up we tested the High pressure system by Beendou, right out of the box, the High Pressure Steam Cleaner, Portable 1700W has a more commercial look to it. One significant downside to this device is the instructions; they are barely in English, and it's difficult to make out much of the content. Also, the flashlight keeps falling off, so we decided to remove it. It does come in a nice carry case and includes some brushes.

(Affordable cleaning today has not been paid for this review, we bought these machines ourselves for our own testing).

When it comes to actual cleaning, where it matters, this thing is the real deal. It heats up in about 15 seconds and is ready for action.

To operate the unit, you will need a bucket or a water source. We used a bucket full of water and were surprised that we cleaned two bathrooms and still had enough to clean about three to four more.

It also comes with gloves, which is a great addition because this device runs HOT – we're talking flaming hot. One issue we encountered was that the iron extender kept twisting slightly, making it a bit more challenging to clean and requiring repositioning.

The instructions directed us to place one of the red circles inside the unit. we ended up putting two, but by that point, we were already exhausted from cleaning to see if the iron extender would stop spinning.
Where we were really impressed by this unit was its ability to tackle hard water buildup that had accumulated around one of the faucets and in the drainage. The unit was able to completely eradicate any stains, hard water marks, dirt, and smudges, leaving the toilets looking super clean and the faucets gleaming.
Battle of the Steam Cleaners: Who Comes Out on Top Part 1
What is really amazing to see is that steam cleaners can be a powerful tool for cleaning. Above, you can see a picture of our initial dry run of the unit. The sink was discolored with hair and dirt buildup from regular usage and this thing basically made it look pretty much new.

Overall, the High-pressure system by Beendou is a powerful cleaning tool that should be used either by a professional or someone who is very careful when using this thing. As mentioned before, the unit can get extremely hot, so we found that using it for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time was the sweet spot. Additionally, the unit generates a lot of pressure, which can make the environment very smoky and hot, and may require better gloves to prevent burns. One great feature of this unit is the bucket, which provides an almost unlimited water source, making it easy to clean anywhere.

Overall we give this unit a 3.5 out 5.0.

Pro's = Gets the job Done. Unlimited Water Source. Great Pressure. Heats up very quickly

Con's = Gets super Hot, Instructions need some work, Flashlight keeps falling, unit could use a redesign. 


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