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Affordable Cleaning Today LLC Terms & Conditions

By booking our services either online or over the phone, you are accepting the terms & conditions outlined on our website. Please take a moment to review these terms & conditions before making your booking to ensure you fully understand and agree with them. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly staff are available to assist you.

Booking Confirmation

The online booking service does not guarantee that you will receive a spot for that date/time. You will be contacted by email or phone with a confirmation.

Our Policies: Rescheduling, Cancellations, and Recurring Bookings

For a seamless cleaning service experience, we kindly ask all our clients to understand and comply with our policies:

Any booking rescheduled after 6pm Eastern Standard Time one day before the cleaning will incur a $30 rescheduling fee.

Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment or on the day of the appointment are subject to a cancellation fee of 65% of the cleaning fee. If a cleaning job needs to be canceled for any reason while our team is on site, a $50 cancellation fee will apply.

Recurring Bookings
If you have a recurring appointment and need to cancel, especially for the 2nd recurring booking, it will be treated as a one-time service. You were initially charged a lower rate than the one-time fee of $204.99. In case of cancellation, the difference will be charged.

We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, and we will work with you to reschedule your appointment whenever possible. However, to avoid any fees, we kindly ask for at least 48 hours' notice before the end of the business day for any changes, postponements, skips, or cancellations.

Our operational hours are from 9:30am to 6:00pm, and we are closed on Sundays. Please check our Google page for the most updated hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Cleaning Team

For our standard, deep, and move-out cleanings, we normally send one cleaner per job. However, for spaces larger than 2500 sq feet or for major dust situations, we will require sending two cleaners. Additional cleaners can be added for an extra fee. For our maid service, we typically send one cleaner per job regardless of the size of your home. However, if you require two cleaners for the maid service, we can arrange this for an additional fee of double the standard rate. Please contact us for a custom quote. The 2200 sq ft requirement is applicable to our standard, deep, and move-out cleaning services. Our cleaners are reliable and professional, ensuring your satisfaction with the cleaning services provided.

Right to Refuse Service

In the event of safety concerns, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations, weapons on-premises, severe clutter, or disconnected utilities, we reserve the right to deny &/or terminate service.

We reserve the right to refuse service if the home is in a sanitary or unsafe condition. If you book a cleaning that is unreasonable, the cleaner may refuse to do the work immediately & you will be charged the cancellation fee.


Cleaning bio-hazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)
Cleaning cat litter boxes and floors
Cleaning insects and rodents
Cleaning couches and leather surfaces
Putting away dishes
Heavy Exterior window cleaning
Animal waste cleanup
Cleaning interior walls
Rust removal/cleaning
Industrial cleaning
Heavy lifting
Surface cleaning within arm's reach
High ceiling fan cleaning (must be requested during booking and cannot be reached by a 3-step ladder)
Clutter or hoarding cleanup
Cleaning chandeliers and glass lamps
Cleaning TVs and computers

Cleaning Day Preparation

Taking a few minutes to tidy up will enable the cleaners to easily access the areas/surfaces to be cleaned, such as floors, counters, tabletops, etc., as the price for cleaning is based on the cleaners focusing all of their time on cleaning. Please call the office in advance if you would like our cleaners to do these tasks on your behalf so that your cleaning fee can be adjusted accordingly.

Extra Services

These services are available for an extra charge:
Wash dishes
Clean inside fridge
Clean inside oven
Clean inside kitchen cabinets
Interior window clean
Hand detail blinds
Hand detail baseboards
Sweep inside the garage or balcony
Diamond Detailing
Detailed tub scrub


We will gladly work around pets, but we must limit indoor activity in order to maintain cleaning efficiency and safety. If your pet becomes anxious or presents a safety threat, Affordable Cleaning Today LLC reserves the right to remove its personnel from the premises.

It is our policy not to enter a house if we believe an animal is a threat. Pets may behave differently without family members present. If our cleaning technician is removed for aggressive animals, our cancellation policy will apply.

Service Fees

During the instant price calculation, we use our years of experience, but we may adjust the price based on the house's actual condition. In order to avoid any surprises when we arrive & discover the job requires extra time, we will notify you. If we are unable to reach you, the crew will have to leave & a cancellation fee will apply.

In the event that the cleaning time differs significantly from the original bid, Affordable Cleaning Today LLC will contact the client to discuss price or service revisions. We reserve the right to reevaluate rates at any time based on the amount of time it takes to perform the service to meet the client's standards.


Payments must be made by credit card.

Refund Policy

At Affordable Cleaning Today LLC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our cleaning technicians will conduct a walkthrough with you after the cleaning is complete to ensure that all your expectations have been met. If, within 24 hours, you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning service, please let us know. Our 24-hour guarantee is dependent on the feedback we receive from our cleaning technicians and we will re-clean any areas that did not meet your standards at no additional cost. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services we provide.

Loyalty Program 

Membership perks and benefits are exclusive to members and cannot be transferred or shared with other individuals. Discounts apply to regularly priced items only and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Booking priority is subject to availability and is not a guarantee of availability at any specific time or date. We will make every effort to accommodate members' scheduling preferences, but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their membership status and any associated privileges. Any misuse or abuse of membership privileges may result in the immediate termination of membership status and the forfeiture of any associated perks and benefits.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate membership perks and benefits at any time without prior notice. In the event of any such modifications, suspensions, or terminations, we will make every effort to notify members in a timely and reasonable manner.

By accepting membership status and its associated perks and benefits, members agree to comply with these terms and conditions as well as any other applicable policies and procedures.

After Hours Bookings

Prior to the arrival of our cleaner, we kindly ask that all clutter be removed from the areas that will be cleaned. This policy is in place to ensure that our cleaning services are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please note that additional fees may be charged if the cleaning team/individual takes a long time to tidy up.

During the cleaning process, the cleaner will assess the level of dust and clutter in the area to be cleaned in order to provide an efficient and thorough clean. During this initial assessment, he/she will identify any areas that require special attention, allowing them to tailor the cleaning service accordingly. To ensure that your space is kept spotless and tidy, the assessment also determines if any extra services, like heavy or medium dusting, or additional hourly services (if they do not conflict with the cleaner's schedule), need to be added. Please note that our maid service is based on time, so the actual time required to clean your space will be factored in on-site.

For the safety and well-being of our cleaning personnel, we reserve the right to reschedule any cleaning appointments that go over 6 pm Eastern time or that require additional time beyond the initial estimate. We operate site unseen and base our cleanings on the conversations via the phone or the instruction in the special notes. If, upon arrival, our cleaner determines that more time is needed than initially estimated, we may choose to reschedule the appointment for a later time to ensure the safety of our staff.

If we determine that it is unsafe to continue working, we will communicate with the customer to reschedule the appointment for a later time. We value the safety and health of our staff and customers, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge a fee for any appointments that are rescheduled due to safety concerns or additional time required beyond the initial estimate. We also reserve the right to cancel any appointments that pose a risk to our staff.

Thank you for your cooperation, which enables us to provide you with the highest quality of cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmation:
We will work with you to pick a date that fits your schedule, as outlined in your contract. The agreed-upon cleaning schedule will be adhered to.

Service Scope & Special Requirements:

Our commercial cleaning includes janitorial services, deep cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, sanitization, and more, as per the agreement.
Specialized services such as industrial cleaning, heavy lifting, rust removal, high ceiling fan cleaning, hazardous material pickup, or any services requiring special protective equipment must be requested during booking and may incur additional fees.

Cleaning Team & Equipment:

The number of cleaners and the equipment used will be determined based on the size and needs of the commercial space.
Additional fees may apply for specialized equipment or additional personnel.
Right to Refuse Service:

We reserve the right to deny or terminate service in cases of safety concerns, severe clutter, disconnected utilities, or if the premises are in a sanitary or unsafe condition.
Services involving bio-hazards, dangerous chemicals, or other hazardous materials must be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Payments will be collected at the start of the month on the first payment when the first cleaning starts or at the end of the month, as per the agreement.
A 3% fee will be applied for credit card payments, and a 1% transaction fee for ACH payments.
Extra Services:

Specific extra services that are not part of regular cleaning must be identified and may incur additional fees.
Pets & Safety Policies:

Policies regarding working around pets and maintaining cleaning efficiency and safety must be outlined.
After Hours Bookings & Safety Concerns:

Procedures for handling appointments going beyond operational hours must be defined to ensure the safety and well-being of cleaning personnel.
Compliance with Laws & Regulations:

All services will be rendered in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
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