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Published: March 6, 2023

52 Household Items to Declutter for a Tidier, Safer Home

52 Household Items to Declutter for a Tidier, Safer Home
A cluttered home not only affects your mental health but also poses safety hazards. Built-up lint in the dryer vent and old chemical cleaning supplies can cause fires and accidents. Decluttering your home can help create a more peaceful and organized space, while also ensuring a safer environment. Here are 51 items to consider decluttering:

Cookbooks you never use.

Pillows and scatter cushions you no longer need.

Unnecessary paperwork and receipts.

Tubes of old lotion and cosmetics.

Printed photo duplicates and outtakes.

Jeans you haven’t fit into for years.

Pampered pet supplies that your pet has no use for.

Chipped mugs that are “otherwise perfectly fine”.

Dusty jigsaws and puzzles you never use.

Takeout menus you don't need anymore.

Stuffed kids toys your kids haven’t played with in months.

Jewelry that you no longer wear.

Clothes you’re holding onto that you haven't worn in years.

Books you’ve read and now want to give a good home.

Magazines that are taking up valuable space on your coffee table.

Cassette and CD mix tapes.

Your old mobile phones.

Tangled cables and wires.

Old table sheets with stains on them.

Bed linens you promise to use for painting but never do.

VHS tapes.

Light bulbs that have blown.

Baby items that have been recalled.

Baby clothes and items that your child has outgrown.

Old toothbrushes.

One-use themed party decorations.

Themed party costumes you don't want to be seen in again.

Random office supplies you don't need.

Swimwear you don’t feel comfortable wearing.

Useless kitchen gadgets.

Holey socks you’re keeping to clean the TV screen.

Old cameras with a low Megapixel range.

Expired medications.

Old chemical cleaning supplies you would never touch.

Teddy Bears you’re hoping will be valuable one day.

Half-empty, lid crusted toiletries.

Kid clothes you no longer need.

Disney mouse ears and refillable popcorn buckets.

Unfinished Pinterest craft projects.

Unmemorable souvenirs from every state you’ve ever visited.

Expired coupons.

Expired food.

Candles you don’t like the smell of.

Bottles of perfume you no longer wear.

Orphan socks that have been in the orphaned sock basket for years.

All those water bottles you bought for your New Year’s Resolution to go jogging more.

Gift baskets you don't need.

Empty packages from products.

Excess plastic containers.

Worn out, bacteria-filled flannels, sponges and cloths.

DVDs you’ve watched but can’t remember actually watching.

Decluttering your home can create a more organized and peaceful space, while also ensuring a safer environment. From cleaning inside the dryer to checking for high water pressure, it's important to keep safety in mind.
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